How frequently does your company refresh technology?

There are many factors that impact costs incurred over the lifetime of a machine. Learn how to make the most of your IT hardware budget.

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Rely on our brand name, business-class refurbished computer equipment. As an industry leader, we are your source for quality desktops, laptops, tablets, phones and more.

Focus on your core business while enjoying maximum value on your technology investment.

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Minimize Your E-Waste

When you throw your computer in a dumpster, not only are you harming mother earth, you are putting all of your personal data at risk. When computer equipment is thrown into a landfill, it takes thousands of years to decompose as most materials are plastics and metals. With the current climate change concerns, it is more important now than ever to make sure we are recycling as many products as we can to help lower our overall carbon footprint on the earth.

When partnering with an ITAD provider such as BBC Technology Solutions, not only will we safely and properly dispose of your old equipment through the appropriate channels, we will ensure all data is erased off of your devices to the US DoD and NIST standards. Once your equipment enters our doors, you can rest assured your personal or company data will be safely locked away until the data is destroyed off all machines.

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Pledge to Minimize E-Waste and Save Mother Earth

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Join our hundreds of clients who have reduced their IT budgets while continuing to work efficiently. We Analyze your company’s IT hardware needs to create the best price to performance budget that will allow your company to continue to operate as needed, while keeping your hardware cost to a minimum so you will not pay for the “bells and whistles” you don’t need. We partner with you throughout your entire IT lifecycle, from procurement to asset retirement, we will be there with you every step of the way to lower your total cost of technology ownership.

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