How frequently does your company refresh technology?

There are many factors that impact costs incurred over the lifetime of a machine. Learn how to make the most of your IT hardware budget.

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Rely on our brand name, business-class refurbished computer equipment. As an industry leader, we are your source for quality desktops, laptops, tablets, phones and more.

Focus on your core business while enjoying maximum value on your technology investment.

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Minimize Your E-Waste

Tossing out old computer equipment doesn’t make sense. Not only are you throwing money away, you’re sending mountains of plastic and precious metals to landfills. Plus, heavy metals in discarded electronics release toxins linked to cancer and other serious health issues.

Protect the places where you live and do business from excess harmful e-waste. Buy refurbished equipment and we will manage your retired IT assets. BBC utilizes complete data destruction methods to ensure that your information is secure throughout the entire process.

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Pledge to Minimize E-Waste and Save Mother Earth

Computer Equipment Solutions

Join our hundreds of clients who have trimmed their IT budgets and started working more efficiently. We evaluate your company’s computer hardware needs, looking at key issues such as frequency of refresh cycles, trends in technology, environmental issues, software system requirements, and IT “End of Life” management strategies. We will be your partner throughout the entire IT lifecycle.

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Our solutions benefit clients of all sizes and industries.

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