Asset Management

Your data and assets are important to you, which makes it our priority. BBC Technology Solutions can help you through every step of the disposal process, from the planning stages to retirement, which may include refurbishing for reuse or safe and secure destruction and recycling. BBC keeps a close eye on the retail market, ensuring your company will get the best value for their retired IT assets.

Services include:

  • Logistics Management (packing & shipping worldwide)
  • Line Item and Serial Number Level Reporting
  • Repair and Refurbishment (Identifying the FMV)
  • Transfer of Title/Waiver or Liabilities
  • Identifying Current Fair Market Value of Assets (TOT)

BBC ensures our customer’s data remains safe and secure through the entire disposal process.

Systematic Asset Auditing in our 24 hour surveillance monitored facility

Equipment is taken to our secure processing facility for a complete inventory and audit to determine current value. Our technicians work diligently to ensure downtime experienced by your staff is kept to a minimum.

Background-checked employees

Each employee, whether client facing or equipment processing, undergoes a complete background check and must adhere to our company beliefs of value, service, and integrity.

Proof of Destruction

BBC Technology Solutions utilizes complete data destruction methods to ensure your information is secure through the entire process. Upon completion of the DoD 5220.22m process, you will receive a copy of the Certification of Destruction, which is the official record of all destroyed assets.

Responsible Recycling

After the DoD wipe has taken place, machines are properly disposed of to minimize environmental impact through refurbishing for reuse, socially responsible donation, or environmentally friendly recycling and disposal, in which case BBC will provide the certificate of each individual unit.

Reuse or recycle assets based on current grade and value

The goal is to refurbish and reuse as much of the equipment as possible to maintain sustainability and return value to our clients