Why BBC Technology Solutions

With over 25 years of experience, BBC Technology Solutions has provided affordable IT solutions and products to our clients. By analyzing your business needs and producing a customized business solution for your organization, we will partner with you for your entire technology refresh cycle

From Procurement, to asset retirement, BBC will create a cost-effective business plan that covers everything for your organization’s IT life cycle. From establishing equipment needs and hardware specifications, to asset disposal and data eradication, we will help your organization establish which services best fit your needs to lower your overall technology ownership costs.

Our goal is to take the stress of an IT hardware life cycle off our clients to allow them to focus on growing their organization and taking the workload off their IT staff to allow them to support their employees while we take care of the legwork. With plug and play ready devices equipped with custom windows 10 Pro images, or any specific hardware of software needs, or any of our other IT services, our business plans allow you to maximize your IT investment.

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